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As A Custodial Parent, Can I Move Away With My Child | JSL Blog | Child custody

As a Custodial Parent, Can I Move Away With My Child?

If you have sole or joint custody of your child or children and are considering moving, which will make regular visitation difficult or impossible for the other parent, there are certain procedures that the law in […]

JSL Blog | Is Having a Will Important?

Is Having a Will Important?

The Wills Estates and Successions Act governs what happens to your property, cash and any assets left behind after your death. In legal terms, if you die without a will, you have died “intestate.” It […]

JSL Law Blog | Can I cross the border with a criminal record?

Can I Cross The Border With A Criminal Record?

This is a difficult question with an often complicated answer. Having a criminal record may impact many different areas of your life; employment, family, travel and more. When you cross the border, you are no […]

How Do I Determine Child Support Payment Amount? | JSL Law Blog | Photo by Marco Ceschi

How Do I Determine Child Support Payment Amount?

The Federal Child Support Guidelines (CSG) regulate child support across Canada. While judges are not bound to follow the CSGs, the majority of the time they are followed by judges, subject to some exceptions. There […]

Peace Bond | North Vancouver Law Firm | JSL Blog

What is a Peace Bond?

Sometimes, the prosecutor may offer to drop a charge against you (a “stay of proceedings”) if you agree to enter into a peace bond.A peace bond is not a criminal conviction. It is a restraining […]

How much is my ICBC claim worth? | JSL Blog

How Much is My ICBC Claim Worth?

Frequently, we are asked, “How much is my ICBC claim worth?” The answer depends on several factors. ICBC claims, much like the person injured in the accident, are unique, and no formula can be used […]

How do I apply for a pardon | JSL Law Blog

How Do I apply For a Pardon?

If you were convicted of an offence several years ago, but you abide by the terms of your sentence and have stayed out of trouble, you might wish to try to apply to have your […]

Is Marijuana Legal in Canada | By Dominik Martin | JSL Law Blog

Is Marijuana Legal in Canada?

Is Marijuana Legal in Canada?There is a common misconception that marijuana is now legal in Canada; however, this is not correct. Cannabis remains an illegal substance under the criminal law, and unless otherwise regulated for […]

How To Answer Police Questions | Jabour Sudeyko Lucky Blog

How To Answer Police Questions

It can be very intimidating to be confronted by a police officer. There are a lot of people who feel like they have to give the officer the information they are requesting. This may be […]

Retrieving Court Exhibits | JSL Blog

Retrieving Court Exhibits

How do I get my belongings back?The amount of time it takes to get your property back depends on the appeal period for the type of case. The time allowed for appeals ranges from 30-90 […]