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Difference Between Guardianship And Custody | JSL Blog

Difference Between Guardianship And Custody

What is the difference between Guardianship and Custody?On March 18, 2013, the Family Law Act came into force and replaced the old Family Relations Act. Under the current law the concept of “child custody” has been removed and […]

Traffic Tickets Dispute Delays | JSL Blog

New Traffic Tickets Delay Law S. 11(b)

Traffic Tickets And The New Law on S. 11(b) DelayOnce a traffic violation ticket is disputed the Traffic Registry at the Provincial Court House in your jurisdiction will send you out a Notice of Hearing […]

JSL Blog | Delayed Criminal Case

Delayed Criminal Case

What Happens If Your Criminal Case Delays?Sometimes, if a criminal case takes too long to get to trial, and it is not the fault of the accused, the court will say “enough is enough” and […]

Disputing Traffic Tickets | JSL Blog

Disputing Traffic Tickets

Should I Dispute My Traffic Ticket?When people receive a traffic violation ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act (i.e. for speeding or being on their phone), they often assume that their best course of action is […]